Introducing MINIBAP!

15181239_1803941693207883_366207516347744010_nWord is getting around that a new, carefully curated gift shop for big and small will be opening in Dakar. I’ve been following their Instagram feed and am very excited about what these two amazing ladies are creating. One important detail to note: Follow their Facebook page for updates on new stock! 

So first, give us the background. Who are and what is MINIBAP?

Well, we are Martine and Annica, each with our own brands (BAPRIBAP and MINITECTURE) based out of Dakar. We had a shared vision for what the perfect shop would look like. And here it is! Welcome to Minibap!


Sounds like a fantastic collaboration. When I think of MINITECTURE, I think of clean designs that inspire creativity. And BAPRIBAP for me is high quality, very wearable and beautiful. So what kinds of things can we expect to find in your shop?

Thanks! In addition to our own two brands, most of the products we’ve looked at carrying fit your descriptions above. Design is extremely important, as is play and creativity, but all the products we’ll carry should also be high quality, beautiful and importantly, functional. We are open to anything and everything as long as it feels right. You can expect to find gifts for kids (of course!), treats like chocolate and honey, home decor items like potted plants, baskets, furniture, and glassware, natural beauty products, clothes and accessories. And the wish list of items that will eventually be in the shop is very long!


Is the focus on home or family?

Both. Its really a lifestyle shop, and a gift shop. We want it to be the kind of place where you can always find something you need for a special gift but would have a hard time leaving without picking up something for yourself, your kids, or your home at the same time.

And what makes Minibap different from, say, a hotel gift shop?

Well for starters we’re hoping to provide customers with a much more personal experience, and we want to foster a sense of community through the shop. We’d like to eventually host events, maybe start a sewing class for kids with bapribap or a craft class with minutecture… stuff like that.

We hope to serve also as an exhibition space for photographers and creators who aren’t a part of the usual shop inventory. So we hope the change up the inventory quite a bit.

We’re also keen to hear from you! What is missing in Dakar? What do people want to see? We are very much at the beginning stages of this and if all goes well, it will take shape organically as we learn more about our customers and our community. Last but not least our price point will be considerably lower than a hotel gift shop…


Are the items locally, regionally or globally sourced?

All of the above. We’ll have local vendors whose stock will always be available in the shop, regional vendors. We currently have products coming from Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Morocco, and we are open to sourcing globally as well if the opportunities arise for it and the product is right.

How do you cultivate entrepreneurship?
By offering an outlet for good products. We are not at all interested in creating loads of new products ourselves – too much work! We want to buy from others. We’ll also have an online shop and are hoping to sell abroad, giving vendors who work with us a wider online presence and hopefully more sales volume.


What are the qualifications ‘to be MINIBAP’?
It has to be well designed, beautiful, functional and tell a story.

Are there any MINIBAP basics that we can expect to always find in stock, or will each collection bring all new items?
Of course you’ll always find MINITECTURE and BAPRIBAP. You’ll probably also find certain home/decor items that we’ve collaborated on together, like mirrors and small furniture pieces, and these collections will change.

As for other vendors, it depends how it goes! We hope to always have Dew Beauty products and Beldi glassware from Morocco. We hope to always have regular but changing collections from local vendors we want to collaborate with, like Anne Calfo and Imadi, but nothing is set in stone yet and there will always be new items and new vendors to work with. We want to experiment and have fun with it.


screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-50-39-pmHow do we find the MINIBAP shop?

It’s super easy to find. It’s one block up from the City Dia in Point E on rue A, the same road that runs all the way from the corniche through Fann, Point E and Amitié 2.

What will your hours be?

From 9am to 6pm on Monday thru Friday and 11am to 3pm on Saturdays.

Any special launch event we should mark on our calendars?

We are having a holiday event and official opening on the 9th and 10th of December. Come! And bring your friends!

How can we keep up with MINIBAP online?

Through our Facebook page and our instagram feed @shopminibap

Thanks! And welcome to Dakar, MINBAP.


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