Why do a #WaxtasticChallenge ?

This year is my second year doing the Waxtastic Challenge. I first started on a dare from one of my students – My goodness! “How many different wax outfits do you in fact have? How long can you go without repeating one? Maybe a week?” – And so the Waxtastic Challenge was born. Followed by 40 days of wax fabric indulgence!

There are no precise rules except for the following: Celebrate Senegalese fashion and promote Senegalese tailors, vendors, designers and artists!

For me, this means that I’ll be featuring as many different made-in-Senegal fashion pieces as possible throughout the month of November. For others, it could be as simple as sharing a favorite outfit or a favorite boutique. Tag your posts on social media with #WaxtasticChallenge to share the love!

Why do it?

1) It helps bring some joy to the last few dreadfully hot days of the season.
Can’t help but just start sweating as soon as you open your closet in the morning, a Pavlov reaction to weeks of sweat-soaked clothing? Counting down the days until you can wear jeans again? Mix it up a little bit and find some joy again in your clothes!
2) A great way to figure out what exactly you have in your closet… and that suitcase in the corner… and that bag of clothes under the bed…

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing like the process of building that perfect new wax ensemble. Perusing the market for that perfect pattern, pouring over endless pinterest posts for that spark of inspiration, working with your tailor to somehow make that a reality – in whatever language works (Franglof is my favorite! French+English+Wolof!), visiting for alterations for that custom-made fit, and finally the joy of wearing it out for the first time. But that means that I have an endless array of dresses, tops, skirts, pants in the back of my closet that have gotten buried underneath my newly-acquired masterpieces. Time to pull them out and see what still works and what should be donated. Consider it prepping for the Gazelle Skirt Clothing SWAP in January.

3) Share your favorite designers and boutiques, and hopefully bring some more business their way!
There’s some many wonderful designers in Dakar left to discover. Share your favorites and see what others are featuring. Maybe you’ll find that special piece that’s been missing from your collection or a new go-to for gifts.

4) It’s just plain fun! 

Who doesn’t love wearing wax fabric, looking at wax fabric, dreaming of wax fabric?!?!?!

Hope to see you all on Facebook and Instagram! Can’t wait to see what magic you have in your closets!

With a love for all things wax,


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