Stripes + Flags // a masterclass in Dakar

This year’s Dak’Art Biennale overarching theme is ‘Contemporary African Art and the Aesthetics of Translations’. It instantly inspired designer Annegret Affolderbach to bring her ‘stripes + flags’ masterclass to Dakar to provide exactly such an unforgettable experience. Mark you calendars and register now for this one-time only event on May 11th from 10 – 5pm!

“My creative work has led me to realise that one of the best contributions I can make as a designer, is to create an unforgettable experience for others,” explains Annegret. “‘Stripes + Flags’ provides a space where sacred West African tradition and symbolism of contemporary life meet. It is a meaningful space fostering the exploration of the traditions, stories and symbolisms of West African Asafo flags and contemporary stripes with the purpose of translating these into flags of personal significance.”

Each flag will be made from striped second-hand shirts individually sourced from Dakar’s local fugg-jaay, also called the “shake-n-sell” market. The transformation of these shirts into flags and embedding them with deeply personal symbolism breathes new life and aesthetics into old ‘cloth’.

Having worked in sustainable fashion for the past 10 years, Annegret developed a deep desire to design the ultimate luxury; a contribution to the architecture of our identities reaching far beyond style, an experience and beautiful memory to keep. It’s an opportunity for the curious, the creatively minded or those who might not have a safe space or inner compass enabling them to freely enquire into their creative layers.

“Over the past few years I have developed a love for Ghanaian Asafo flags,” she explains. “I chose them as the central theme for this masterclass and the most prominent one is their expression of community, storytelling and ownership. The same goes for stripes; a stripe is only ever a stripe in company of another stripe. The fundamental commonalities of unity, community and historic richness embedded in both stripes and flags, in my eyes made the perfect masterclass material.”

Inspired by the beauty of Ghanaian Asafo flags and the meaning of stripes in flags and fashion, this masterclass explores their deeper meaning, history and significance. It is designed to be a day of personal discovery resulting in the creation of a personally significant stripe & symbolism embedded in a flag that you create. Much like a Kente or Tartan, this profound flag could be passed down from generation to generation.

The event is hosted by BAPRIBAP, the cutest childrens wear brand made in Senegal at the beautiful N’GOR Restaurant.

May 11th,  2016 from 10 – 5pm.
N’Gor Restaurant/ Pied Dans L’eau, petite Corniche des Almadies, Dakar
50,000 cfa. includes masterclass kit
For bookings in CFA, please contact Annica of Bapribap: or book online here.

The beautiful photos courtesy of Sadia Rafique.