A little slice of heaven

I don’t spend much time in the Hann Mariste, mainly because I live outside the city and don’t have kids that attend DA. But I was in the area the other day and needed to do some grocery shopping, so I headed over to the City Dia. Imagine my surprise when I turned a corner to head down the last aisle and there was this waiting for me!


A fantastic little beauty section complete with makeup, nail polishes, scrubs and lotions. All sorts of bath bombs in fun scents, specialized soaps, lip glosses and eye shadows. There’s even a very helpful young lady to help you match your skin tone or make suggestions on products!

Lots of lipstick too in loads of great colors!! Perfect for the #GazelleLipChallenge tomorrow


The dermatologist recap…

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.08.39 AM

This morning’s post on IG

To be honest, I wanted the dermatologist to tell me that using products X, Y and Z twice daily would make my skin look like a 20 year old’s until the day I die. Not quite what I got. This particular dermatologist (contact info below) is not so much into creams and lotions and such. And surprisingly, not as into sunscreen as I expected!

– Between age 30-35, a woman’s skin changes significantly (losing firmness) and then again at menopause (losing elasticity). Neither can be prevented but both can be dealt with well… or badly.

– Drinking water is key because hydration begins on the inside.

– She recommended Anthélios sunscreen SPF 50 (and a hat) for when I run or go to the pool/beach, but said a little sun day-to-day is not bad for your skin and studies are showing it may even be beneficial. Anthélios makes several SPF levels and formulas for different kinds of skin (mattifying, etc…) and she said a trained pharmacist should be able to help you choose a good match for your skin. (Several Gazelle Skirt readers recommended Anthélios and products by its parent company, La Roche-Posay, so I will definitely be trying this!)

– Baobab oil does not penetrate to the deepest skin layers, but forms a protective barrier. So if your skin is dry, you need to hydrate it first with a moisturizing cream and then apply baobab oil. She recommended Icytane HD as a deep moisturizer if one is needed.

– Retin A and other similar products may be helpful for fine lines but she suggests instead twice daily very gentle facial massages, tapping your skin with your fingertips while moving upward. In her opinion, the actual product is less important than the manner and frequency in which it is applied. The stimulation from the massage will increase blood flow and overall health of your skin.

– Chemical peels do work, but many women do not need them.

– It’s all mostly genetics anyway.

Dr. Sonia Bouksani is located in the Urgencies Cardio offices on the Ancienne Piste (and she speaks English). 77 510 0535