Queens of Africa dolls now in Dakar!

“These are not mere dolls. These dolls are the spokesmen of the multi-ethnic African culture. Originally they were created to fill the void of black dolls in the Nigerian market. They have been very popular in English-speaking countries, and now they have arrived in Senegal! Our desire is that every little Senegalese girl can identify with her ​​doll. These dolls fill a social, educational and psychological role.

They are truly African and this is represented proudly in their look, their hairstyles, their skin and their features. Their clothes are made in African workshops and their hair braided by expert African women. It provides work for many African families in a social equity objective.”

SOCALA- Magasin de jouets à Dakar
rue A X Rue 1 Point E
Tel: 33.824.04.64 or 77.419.82.82
Email: socala@orange.sn

For more details, check out the Queens of Africa – Senegal Facebook page or contact Marie at queenofafricasn@gmail.com or 78.465.56.27. Free delivery for orders in Dakar. Delivery available in other regions of Senegal and abroad. Email for pricing information. All photos courtesy of Queens of Africa.