Aida’s waxing & threading

It all started thanks to Pinterest one night when I read an article on threading your whole face (minus eyebrows) for the clearest complexion. So of course, I had to try it! I’d heard that Aida was a wizard with thread and made house calls, so we decided to give her a call.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.08.07 PM

So two weeks after threading my face… I am still a huge fan. The pain (oh the pain!) was worth it. Aida spent about 15 minutes working to get every last bit of ‘peach fuzz’. It felt a little tingly afterwards, but no redness or breakouts like I’d expected.

I was surprised by how smooth my skin felt and looked. Kind of shiny and dewy, but not in a greasy way. I’ve only worn full make-up once since then but found I used quite a bit less than before since my skin was already smooth and my complexion looked clearer.

Is it something that people will notice right away and stop you on the street to ask how you get your glow? Probably not. But will YOU see and feel a difference? Definitely.

I’m hooked. No idea how long it will take to fuzz again, but I’ll keep Aida’s number close by!

Aida’s waxing and threading rates:

eyebrows: 5000cfa
upper lip: 2000cfa
full face: 10,000cfa
bikini: 10,000cfa
full legs: 10,000cfa
legs to the knee: 5000cfa
full arms: 7000cfa
arms to the elbow: 4000
manicure: 4000cfa (my friend raved about her manicure with Aida!)
pedicure: 10,000cfa

Some hair services also available. Styling, highlights, etc…

Tel: 77 257 9418