Things I’m going to wear…

Hot season ends in 17 days. Or at least by my calculations and estimates, it should. Come mid-November, I plan on diving into a whole section of my wardrobe that has been neglected (and possibly molding) these last sweltering months.

These are some of the things I plan to wear once the cooler weather arrives in Senegal…

– Jeans. I miss denim. Especially in dark wash or fun colors. I have a pair of dark red ones I especially love.

– Scarves. You don’t live in France for six years without picking up this accessory habit.

– Hoodies. Yoga pants. Slipper socks to keep me from being TOO sexy. 😉

– Shirts with actual sleeves. Maybe even (gasp!) layered over a cami.

– Shoes that cover my heel and toes.

– Fitted shirts and dresses that won’t make me feel claustrophobic when I put them on.

– Cardigans. Bring on the cardigans.

What about you? What will you wear in 17 days?


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