Spa & beauty treatments at your home


Good news, Gazelles! Marie Claude has expanded her selection of services and treatments, all available in your home. Contact her for more information and be sure to ask about her package deals and fidelity card. Marie Claude speaks French and English and can be reached at 77 528 6401. And she has the most gorgeous skin and eyebrows you’ve ever seen. 🙂

Arm pits 6000cfa
Bikini (regular) 6000cfa
Bikini (extended) 8000cfa
Bikini (Brazilian) 10,000cfa
Arms 7000cfa
Legs (full) 14,000cfa
Legs (to the knee) 7000cfa
Eyebrows 7000cfa
Eyebrow clean-up 5000cfa
Upper lip 5000cfa
Chin 5000cfa
Around face 5000cfa
Face 10,000cfa


With every 10 mani-pedi services, your 11th mani is free!

Polish 2500cfa
Manicure 8000cfa
Pedicure 8000cfa
Spa pedicure 10,00cfa
Mani-Pedi 13,000cfa
Mani-spa Pedi 15,000cfa

Gel polish is also available. Ask for details.


Slimming 45 mins / 15,000cfa 60 mins / 20,000cfa
Relaxing 45 mins / 15,000cfa 60 mins / 20,000cfa
Hot stone 90 mins / 35,000cfa
Lymphatic drainage 60 mins / 25,000cfa

Full body salt scrub exfoliation for 30 mins + macadamia nut butter massage 60 mins / 35,000cfa

“Marie Claude just came to the guest house where I was staying and gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had and a gorgeous pedicure. She is very professional and also very good at what she does. She turned my guest house room into a pampered spa. I highly recommend her to you all. Plus, she has a wide range of services and is adding facials. WooHoo!”
– Joanna

Package massage deals

11 slimming massages 45 mins / 150,000cfa 60 mins / 200,000cfa
11 relaxing massages 45 mins / 150,000cfa 60 mins / 200,000cfa

The package deals are for massages twice weekly and payment is due in full at the beginning.



3 thoughts on “Spa & beauty treatments at your home

    • Hi jess first of all thank you for the interest you give to m’y services ! Well. .. for pedi spa i use machine which make bubles massages and hot water . Hope you understand my english 😊 im available for any other questions .

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