3 times I thought beauty gurus were just lying 

I love a good beauty magazine (or blog, or Facebook group or Pinterest board…), but sometimes I just want to roll my eyes at their stupid suggestions that can’t possibly work. Or can they?

Here are are three things I’ve learned actually DO work for me, despite my original and longstanding certainty to the contrary.

Wash-and-go hairstyle myth

The concept of wash-and-go hairstyles ranked right up there with unicorns and the mermaids in my book. A lovely idea, but come on… Even when I had pixie cuts I was never able to find a wash-and-go style that worked for me. And the longer my baby-fine hair grew, the more time it required each day to fix.

Many women experience thicker, fuller hair during pregnancy but then lose it after delivery. This happened to me with my first pregnancy, but after the second my hair stayed thicker and fuller! For the first time in my life, I have hair that it wash-and-goable because there’s simply more of it to work with.

Wash-and-go waves

Wash-and-go waves

So the good news is that it’s not a myth that cute wash-and-go styles actually exist. The bad news is that, depending on your hair texture, it just may not exist for you.

I’m not about to be the one to encourage two pregnancies in hopes of thickening up your hair, but… If you have fine, straight hair or a pixie cut, I highly recommend Mylen in Fenetre Mermoz. She is incredible with precision cuts that require minimal styling afterwards. For taming and chic-ing curly, thick or long hair, Soraya at Sunugal is a wonder-woman.

Between these two great stylists, Dakar ladies can take one giant leap closer to wash-and-go hair.

Low carb for weight loss

No bread, no pasta, no thank you. I’d heard enough about low-carb recipes and swapping out lasagna noodles for strips of zucchini to last me a lifetime.

Banana + egg pancakes with peanut butter

Banana + egg pancakes with peanut butter

Except that it worked when I actually tried it. And it worked fast.

After years of trying to lose 5-10lbs, I tried 21-Day Fix after seeing my friend Michelle’s results. She had a similar body type to mine and we were both healthy eaters and active, but she lost weight and toned up in just a couple months on this program.

I loathe programs. But I decided to give it a try and found that I loved this one! The daily exercises were challenging but fun and the food guidelines were simple. Considering I already ate pretty healthily, the biggest change was swapping out some carbs for veggies.

Boom. I lost the baby weight (while keeping the hair! 😉) and then some, plus toned up. I’m now a low-carb believer… And a happy 21-Day Fixer.

The importance of caring for your skin

Blah blah blah, sunscreen, exfoliate, moisturize and take your make-up off before bed. We know.


But what kind of moisturizer you use makes a big difference! I started using this baobab oil (2500cfa) about six months ago and my complexion has never looked better. It’s clear and soft, but not oily or shiny.

I dab on a couple drops of the oil every morning and night after washing or rinsing my face and then rub it in gently. It absorbs quickly and makes a great base for a dewy, fresh-looking complexion, with the help of just a little bit of foundation.

What about you? Any beauty tricks that you doubted but in the end actually really work for you?


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