Put your fashionable foot forward

My husband asked me to buy him a pair of Marrakis leather slip-ons.

My jaw hit the floor.

He asked me to get them in white.

I objected passionately.

He said he wanted the ones with embroidery on top.

I felt sure aliens had taken my real husband.

But as the conversation progressed, I realized this was something he’d been thinking about for a while and really wanted – even if I didn’t get why or particularly like the idea. This was a fashion statement he wanted to make. And THAT I get.

So at HLM market I found some shops selling all kinds of Marrakis and bargained them down from 10,000cfa to 8000cfa (later found out I overpaid by 1000cfa but whatev…) and came home with a white pair and a gray pair.

He wore the gray ones to church today with dark-wash jeans and a casual button-down.

Even if I don’t love the actual shoes, I love that he’s taking a fashion risk that no one else in our circle is. And I fiercely love that #gazelion of mine.


One thought on “Put your fashionable foot forward

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