Bapribap launches its line for women!

is excited to announce the launch of a new adult collection at Saturday’s clothing SWAP. Bapribap, a line beloved for its well-constructed wax print clothing for girls, is now releasing its much anticipated line for women.

The collection will be shown in a range of sample sizes and available fabrics. These samples will be available for purchase, but custom orders can also be placed at the Gazelle Skirt SWAP and will ready in one week. Choose from five styles of dresses, three styles of skirts and three styles of tops. You can bring your own wax fabric or choose from Bapribap’s wax prints (at an additional cost). Starting on Feb 1, these items will also be available to be ordered online exclusively at

Dresses start at 20,000 cfa, skirts start at 15,000 and tops start at 10,000. Using Bapribap’s fabric will cost an additional 2,000-4000 cfa depending on the item.

So go dig through your wax print collection and get ready to be Bapribap!

Instagram: @bapribap



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