The BEST shopping news in Dakar: WOLOVE

I love to shop. I mean, I. Love. To. Shop. The recent and on-going Christmas Markets are like my dream come true and I hate that they aren’t popping up (get it?) all year long. But there is some really good news ahead…

WOLOVE Market has launched.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.14.14 PM

WOLOVE Market was born as an idea to create an online marketplace for local artisans to give them the opportunity to reach a broader audience and to give buyers the opportunity to buy special pieces while directly supporting the artisans who made them. (More artisans coming soon! But fans of Bapribap, My African Heart, Sweet Things and Paletuviers should click on over ASAP…)

Do you see what I see? "Wendy Rings" at 25,000cfa!

Do you see what I see? “Wendy Rings” at 25,000cfa!

WOLOVE Market introduces you to handpicked, one-of-a-kind, talented artisans and offer opportunities to buy from their collections at a great value. All the artisans featured in WOLOVE Market are selected on only of the basis of the quality of their products but also their vow to responsible production and their commitment to the communities they work in.

So you can shop Dakar’s best from your pjs and have it delivered to your door – and I am all about some shopping in pjs.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.34.46 PM

My friend Monica is the founder of WOLOVE Market. (But I’d still be gaga over it even if I didn’t know the founder.) After moving to Africa in 2014, she quickly fell in love with the high quality goods produced by the local artisans but overwhelmed at the sheer inefficiency and lack of transparency. Leveraging her background in business strategy and online marketplaces, she started WOLOVE with the hope of creating a solution for others like her…

People like me. People like you!


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