Specialty fabrics in Dakar

Vlisco wax: 48,000cfa for 6 yards
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Fatou has just brought a great selection of specialty fabrics to Dakar from The Gambia! Lots to choose from and even… Vlisco! (Hushed awe falls over the crowd.)

If you’re not yet into wax prints, scroll on down and take a look at the micro-chiffon. It feels amazing. You can expect a post soon on what I’m having made out of mine…

You can email Fatou (she’s an English-speaker) at fatimajobe1 AT gmail.com for more details or give her a call at 786353925. Happy shopping!

Vlisco Java wax: 34,000cfa for 6 yards
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Uniwax: 25,000cfa for 6 yards
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Hitarget wax: 12,000cfa for 6 yards (Many other prints available as well!)
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Softest, lightest micro-chiffon: 10,000cfa for 4 meters (Perfect for hot weather!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.21.10 AM

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Intricate Guipure: 12,000cfa per yards (More colors available!)
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Jewelry shopping… from your home!

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Diami Sow makes a wide selection of beaded jewelry including necklaces, earrings and rings for women and girls. Her prices are excellent (starting at 500cfa for handmade beaded earrings) and go up to around 7000cfa for her chunkier necklaces made with traditional beads.

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She will bring her collection to your home for you to shop (minimum sale 15,000cfa).

Consider the possibilities…

– Let visitors and short-term teams shop for souvenirs in peace.
– Host a jewelry shopping event for friends.
– Or twist a friend’s arm into hosting a jewelry shopping event for you to attend!
– Buy your gifts to take ‘home’ from the comfort of your couch.
– A fun activity for ladies’ groups and neighbors.

Coconut shell bracelet, 1500cfa

Coconut shell bracelet, 1500cfa

Contact Diami at 77 536 5405
(French, Wolof or English)

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Henna party!

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Sometimes a girl just needs a little pampering. Other times, she just wants to hang out with friends and get decorative henna tattoos done in the living room. This was one of those ‘other’ times.

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Bathie does beautiful henna designs that last 2-4 weeks. He’s fast, detailed and really, really good! And his prices are great. He’ll do henna parties at your home too. Speaks French and Wolof, but good at charades!

Bathie Ndiaye
77 666 2957

Both hands: 4000cfa / Both feet 3000cfa


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