New salon in Fenetre Mermoz!

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There’s a new salon in town and we are BIG fans! Mylene Ndoye has opened a full-service hair salon with mani-pedis (and more coming soon) in the Fenetre Mermoz neighborhood. It’s just off the Corniche at the roundabout with the blue columns. Look for the yellow house with red trim, number 85.

Okay, but now the important details… why we loved it. The salon itself is very nice, well decorated, relaxing (ocean view!) and calm. The staff is very, very professional and discreet and well-trained. Take for example the head massage. This was not just a fancy shampoo job, y’all. I was in heaven.

And the haircut? WOW. All three of us guinea pigs left loving our new ‘dos. That’s saying a lot considering we had one long straight hair with layers, one layered curly cut and one pixie. Quite the range! Speaking for myself, I’ve never had a stylist who knew what to do with my cowlicks like Mylene did. Her cutting technique is so precise, and she’s so kind and sweet.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.04.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.04.30 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.04.41 PM

Definitely my new top choice for hair salon. Definitely.

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Haircut and styling for women 21,000 cfa

Haircut and styling for men 15,000 cfa

Haircut for kids -20%

Color starting at 29,000 (including shampoo, color, treatment, styling)

Mani 8000 cfa
Pedi 10,000 cfa

By appointment only. Closed Sundays.

Mylene Ndoye
Tel: 770418144
SMS or call. English or French.

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