1 dress, 3 ways, 2 tailors

When we were in Ohio last summer I bought this amazing dress on clearance. I loved the feel and the fabric and the colors. Not to mention it was originally $150 and I paid $30. Yep. That’s how I roll. Well, okay, not all the time, but certainly when I can!

Here’s the ‘original’ dress:


Then I had some wax print fabric that I was dying to have made into something after this shopping trip. I knew I really liked this ‘original’ dress and thought it would be fun to copy. So I had Anne De la V (77 606 61 62) make me one! She did a great job copying the dress and even added extra fabric to give it a “fuller” feel.


Then my husband and I were invited to a wedding and we needed some nice / presentable dress clothes. Stat. So we called our buddy Seydou (77 651  65 66) to come make us some clothes. My husband knew exactly what he wanted: a pink dress shirt and a grey vest to match his dark dress pants. I thought it was a fashion-forward move for this country boy. And I liked it. Then I was like, “Ummmmmm…. quick. What should I wear?! Oh I know! I’ll have him copy the ‘original’ dress in satin. In solid black. That works.” And before we knew it, Seydou was measuring us as we talked specifics on price and fabric styles.

We told him we needed the clothes a few days before we actually did (good thing too) because, well, it’s Africa and it’s better to be safe than sorry. The clothes showed up just HOURS before the event! (Even days after the “when we needed them” day.) Yikes! Thankfully everything fit and we were good to go. Seydou does a great job with mens’ clothes, making dress shirts, and even ties! We were impressed with how well he did at picking out fabric just based on what we described.

My LBD (Long black dress)

My LBD (Long black dress)


A true #gazelion

A true #gazelion

So there you have it: 1 dress, copied in a wax print version and a formal version, with 2 different, each-with-their-own-style tailors.

Which dress is your favorite?


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