Tailor recommendation: Mariétou et Mamie

Yay yay yay! I’ve got another tailor recommendation for you, Gazelles. Actually, it’s two sisters… Mariétou and Mamie.


Mamie made this dress from a model I gave her + a few modifications I wanted and did a great job. Their prices are good (8000cfa for this dress) and she did it in under 48 hours!

They can do Senegalese or Western styles for women and also any alterations or repairs.

Mariétou et Mamie: 77 553 2835 (English, French or Wolof)

They live in Ouakam, but you can arrange for one of them to come to your home if you prefer.


5 thoughts on “Tailor recommendation: Mariétou et Mamie

  1. Very cute dress! Looks like she got the top too tight since you couldn’t get it buttoned all the way up to the neck! (Don’t I sound like a mom???) No, it’s very cute and looks great on you.

  2. Love the dress! Need some help – I’ll be flying over late October for my new Grandson’ s Naming Ceremony. What should I wear? Western or Senegalese? I will be the only paternal family member attending. Appreciate any advice you can give 🙂

  3. Thank you for your blog and recommendations! I am visiting Dakar for work and have been looking for a recommended tailor since making a trip to Marche HLM a couple days ago! I just spoke with Mariétou to make an appointment 🙂

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