My wax print chair. Finally.

I’ve been wanting one of those cool wax-print-covered chairs since around the time I discovered Pinterest. So pretty, so fun, so Senegal.

My first attempt ended in with beautiful workmanship on a recliner with an overall look that was (totally my fault) not what I was going for. At all.

But I figured finding a good upholsterer with great prices was the hard part, and I had that part covered (ha ha), so I’d try again with an IKEA recliner that hangs out in our living room.

In going through my piles of wax prints, I found a fabric that I loved and actually worked well with our living room. I mean, you know, once I bought new fabric from Decotex and had Seydou make curtains and had RIT dye brought out from the US and re-dyed my living room suite cushions a darker shade of blue. But once that was done, all that was left was to have the chair recovered to tie it all in!

Grinding halt. My three meters of fabric wasn’t going to be enough to cover the chair!

So, one week before bébé was due and in the midst of a serious nesting crisis, I called on the wonderful Gazelle Facebook Group:


114 people saw the post.
25+ responded.
Lots of people said they wanted to buy a couple meters if I found a source!
4 people went to HLM market and looked for the fabric.
2 tailors also looked for it.
0 meters found.

Then 2 wonderful friends offered me some from their personal stashes!

Thanks to Jeana’s generosity in sharing three meters with me, I finally have my dream chair. 🙂

wax print chair

If you’re interested in having a chair recovered, here’s what you need to know:
– You’ll need a minimum of 3 meters of fabric, but definitely buy at least 6 meters!
– The upholsterer is Alioune Seck and he’s in Yoff.
– Alioune charged 15,000cfa ($30) for the work and it took about 10 days.
– Basse of Innovation Taxi will pick up your chair and take it to Alioune, then bring it back once the work is done. He charges 10,000cfa round trip. You can reach him at 77 030 3594.

If you want some of this fabric:
– Jamie tells us there is a guy at Marché Fas that sells it and he had lots. If you are going to Marché Fas from Point E, it’s the first stall on the outside of the market.

If you want to buy something ready-made from this fabric:
Rama Diaw in Saint-Louis
Belya in Dakar or on Etsy for US shoppers
Debbo Dakar‘s new collection, which can be seen at Keur Marie Ginaar in Mermoz. (Thanks, Wendy!)

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 5.07.22 PM 1978833_845439695473495_2097042204_n


2 thoughts on “My wax print chair. Finally.

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  2. Any suggestions on where to find secondhand chairs like these to redo with wax fabric? Love the idea, just haven’t found the chair yet!

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