Ladies, the time has come to add a new term to our vocabulary. Gazelion. It’s the male version of a gazelle.

Strong, manly, stylish.

A gazelion isn’t afraid of trying new things, wearing a checkered scarf, a peach-colored blazer, or even a full-on Senegalese boubou. A gazelion does his own thing.

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A real gazelion knows how to go big or go home. That might mean going to the tailor and having a boubou made in a bright blue color with embroidery on the collar, or creating an outfit in Ohio State colors (you know, gotta support your team), or having one made in an eye-catching fabric.


A gazelion knows how to suit up for the occasion.


He knows how to venture into the world of pattern mixing. Nice bow tie, B!



 A gazelion wears colorful blazers.


He knows that hats are always in style.




image (5) 

A real gazelion isn’t afraid to wear purple, easter egg green, or even {gasp!} pink.

image (3)

A real gazelion knows how to rock a scarf… and a lime green monkey sweatshirt!

And last but not least, a TRUE #gazelion isn’t afraid to grab his cape, strap on his superhero mask, and fight the bad guys to save the girl {aka: his gazelle}.

image (2)

 Do you have any gazelions in your life? Post a pic on our Gazelle Skirt Facebook page or on Instagram and tag them #gazelion. Let the {manly} fun begin!


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