A sweet little secret

I hate shaving. I’m scared of hot wax. And I’m just not granola enough to let it all go.

But I am a die-hard fan of sugar-waxing, aka l’éplilation orientale. Second to Shady Shack’s hummus, I think it’s the best gift to the Dakaroises from Lebanon.

In a nutshell, it’s a soft, stretchy wax made from melted sugar and lemon juice that is applied and then pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth, leaving you with baby soft skin. And depending on the person, the smoothness lasts about three to six weeks. Plus, the more you do it, the finer your hair grows back. (I started about a year ago and can already tell a huge difference!)

Here are two recommendations for those interested in getting their “wax on, hair off”:

Mme Anissé
33 821 0076
She works from her home in Plateau at Moussé Diop / angle rue Thiong. She does sugar waxing and THE best eyebrow threading EVER. And her prices are fantastic.

Legs (up to knees): 5000cfa
Bikini: 4000cfa
Arms: 4000cfa
Eyebrow threading: 3000cfa

Quite a few “Gazelles” in this group have been to her and can give their 2cfa on the experience as well. I am a forever fan.

77 642 2135
She does home-visits on Mondays! So can call to book a mani-pedi and/or sugar-waxing and she’ll come right to your door. (The rest of the week she works from a salon downtown.)

Legs (up to knees): 7000cfa
Bikini: 5000cfa
Arms: 5000cfa
Mani-pedi: 13,000cfa (plan on an hour and a half – she’s thorough and wonderful!)

PS. You’ll notice this post has no photos. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t post photos of my pre-wax legs on the Internet. A girl’s gotta’ draw the line somewhere!


4 thoughts on “A sweet little secret

  1. We are preparing to move to Senegal hopefully in summer 2015. It is great news to learn that you can still get your pamper on in Dakar!! Thanks for your wonderful website! It has been exciting to hear about the opportunities available in Dakar and Thies!

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  4. I just discovered your blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EXISTING. Definitely going to do this sugar wax. What is the customary tip?

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