Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Tony Alves is a very skilled cobbler in Dakar who loves what he does – which is lucky for us shoe-lovers! He makes shoes for men and women in a wide variety of styles, all depending on your preferences and creativity. He is willing to visit customers at home to discuss their preferences and get their sizes. Just show him a photo or browse his images of shoes he’s already made. Hundreds of options! (That’s my kind of shoe shopping!)

And did I mention his prices start around 8000cfa?

Below are some photos of Tony’s work. (You can click on each image to see a larger version.) And here’s a link to my Pinterest board with ideas of styles I’d like to have made.

What do you think? Gazelle Skirt shoe party, anyone? šŸ™‚

Shoe Lady 001

Shoe Lady 004

Shoe Lady 006b

Shoe Lady 007

Shoe Lady 008

Shoe Lady 009

Shoe Lady 010

Shoe Lady 011

Shoe Lady 012

Shoe Lady 013b

Shoe Lady 014b

Shoe Lady 015

Shoe Lady 016

Shoe Lady 017

Shoe Lady 018

Shoe Lady 019b

Shoe Lady 020

Shoe Lady 022

Shoe Lady 025

Shoe Lady 033

Shoe Lady 035

Shoe Lady 037

Shoe Lady 041

Shoe Lady 042

Tony Alves: 77 387 06 92 (French)


6 thoughts on “Shoes, shoes, shoes!

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