Quilting, fait à Dakar!

Razinet quilt

Razinat’s quilts are amazing. Her attention to detail, craftsmanship and eye for color make her naturally talented as a quilter. Shown in these photos are a quilted wall hanging (above) and made to order cushion covers (below). Both projects are made with bazin riche.

Razinat does custom orders and is happy to collaborate with customers so that the colors and designs work for your project.

She can be reached at razinatc@yahoo.co.uk.

Razinet quilt 2



Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Tony Alves is a very skilled cobbler in Dakar who loves what he does – which is lucky for us shoe-lovers! He makes shoes for men and women in a wide variety of styles, all depending on your preferences and creativity. He is willing to visit customers at home to discuss their preferences and get their sizes. Just show him a photo or browse his images of shoes he’s already made. Hundreds of options! (That’s my kind of shoe shopping!)

And did I mention his prices start around 8000cfa?

Below are some photos of Tony’s work. (You can click on each image to see a larger version.) And here’s a link to my Pinterest board with ideas of styles I’d like to have made.

What do you think? Gazelle Skirt shoe party, anyone? 🙂

Shoe Lady 001

Shoe Lady 004

Shoe Lady 006b

Shoe Lady 007

Shoe Lady 008

Shoe Lady 009

Shoe Lady 010

Shoe Lady 011

Shoe Lady 012

Shoe Lady 013b

Shoe Lady 014b

Shoe Lady 015

Shoe Lady 016

Shoe Lady 017

Shoe Lady 018

Shoe Lady 019b

Shoe Lady 020

Shoe Lady 022

Shoe Lady 025

Shoe Lady 033

Shoe Lady 035

Shoe Lady 037

Shoe Lady 041

Shoe Lady 042

Tony Alves: 77 387 06 92 (French)

Featuring Anne de la V.!

Anne Marie

Back in May of 2013 we introduced our readers to Anne Marie Diatta, the amazing woman behind Anne de la V. Her boutique in Ouakam has continued to grow and attract new clients, but today was quite a fashionable step forward for her as she was was one of five designers featured in the annual Dakar Women’s Group Fashion Show!

From all of us at The Gazelle Skirt, congratulations Anne Marie! Your designs are amazing and we look forward to seeing more from you!








Many thanks to Catherine Porter for the lovely photos!

Anne de la V. boutique
77 606 6162

Located in Ouakam, Cité Asecna, near Brioche Dorée. With Brioche Dorée behind you, it’s four blocks down on your right. The boutique will be on your left.

Open Monday thru Saturday, 10am to 7pm.

Shop the collection or place a custom order. (She speaks great English.)

How to Better Organize Your Wardrobe By Guest Blogger Laura Davis

Do you ever have those days when you just don’t feel like spending a lot of time on your outfit, but you want to look nice?

Here is a time saving idea that will ensure you always look your best. Put together several outfits and try them on to make sure you are happy with the way they look. Include all your accessories; shoes, jewelry, scarf, headband, or whatever you might wear. Then, take pictures of each of the outfits so all you have to do is scroll through your wardrobe of pictures to find just the right look.

An example outfit.

An example outfit.

Undangarou: Scarves

Who doesn’t love scarfs!?! Especially this time of year in Senegal. A scarf is the perfect accessory to ANY outfit. This past month I wore a scarf of some kind EVERY day.

Do you remember Sandrine Gomis, the creator and designer of “Undangarou”? She has just introduced her latest product…wax print scarfs! And you will love them!

Sandrine has a good eye for finding the right fabrics that will work for everyone. AND her prices are reasonable. All her scarfs are infinity scarfs. If you are interested in one that is doubled with beautiful interior fabric they sell for 5,000 CFA or if you prefer one that is not doubled they sell for 3,000 CFA.

If you are anything like me, you want one or two or three scarfs RIGHT NOW. SO, where can you buy them? You can contract Sandrine by email at contact@undangarou.com (she will be happy to take your order) OR “like” her page on Facebook (Undangarou) and send her a message.

AND, one more exciting option…a few scarfs have been left with Khady in Dakar. She will have them available, first come first serve, and you can contact her via our Gazelle Skirt Facebook group.

I hope you all enjoy wearing your new Undangarou Scarfs! Enjoy a few pics below with our favorite model, Khady.

This is an example of one of the scarves without interior fabric.

This is an example of one of the scarves without interior fabric.

In this picture Kari is wearing a scarf doubled with an interior fabric of pink.

In this picture she is wearing a scarf doubled with an interior fabric of pink.

Another fun way to wear the same scarf.

Another fun way to wear the same scarf.

I personally love wearing the scarves with a top that has a collar.

I personally love wearing the scarves with a top that has a collar.