This, that, and everything else….


Happy 2014!  It has been awhile since I’ve posted for the Gazelle Skirt.  I’m excited for a new year of exciting adventures in creating fashionable clothes with the African wax fabric.  One of my FAVORITE pieces from 2013 is my trench coat.  I go to the US every December and always try to have some unique piece made to wear while home in Texas.  I was a bit nervous if maybe I had chosen a fabric a bit too bizarre–BUT, the coat was a huge hit!  Below is a picture from a photo shoot I did while wearing the coat.  I LOVE my unique jacket!



Another thing I love to where (when in the US) is the button up dress shirt.  I hadn’t thought of pairing them with my African print skirts until my friend Jenni inspired me!  Below is a photo for my first attempt…I think I like it.



Have you heard of the new magazine “Elixir”??  Its a new fashion magazine that features ALL Senegalese designers.  Check out the December addition to see features from Rama Diaw.

And for those who don’t want to use fabric that is quite so “loud” check out this adorable fabric I found at HLM.  It is one of my favorites.  I feel so “kate spadeish” when wearing this fabric.

photo copy

What new things will you have made in 2014?







One thought on “This, that, and everything else….

  1. I resolve to get clothes made in 2014. 🙂 I am long overdue for a wardrobe overhaul, and I haven’t been to the tailor since 2012, which visit ended in tears and 2/3 of my outfits being given away and the remaining one being barely tolerated after altering. Since then, I’ve felt frivolous to buy new clothes when people need food or meds exactly when I’m about to go buy fabric, but the situation is getting desperate. Thanks you ladies for always inspiring me to enjoy the clothes thing and that it is important to put some effort into dressing nicely…not frivolous.

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