Fëgg jaay finds!

photo 3

Baby girl clothes, including a ballet leotard! 100-200 cfa each

Angie’s post about fëgg jaay shopping in Dakar was so inspiring that we decided we had to go. So this morning we set out at about 9am for the Monday market near the Orange stadium. (See Angie’s post for a full list of daily market locations.)

photo 3

Pants, 300 cfa each

Our first stop was a pile of pants being sold for 300cfa (about 50 cents) each. Yeah. We shopped there for quite a while! I think between the three of us, we bought 20+ pairs of pants! Most were linen blends with flowy legs, perfect for Senegal weather. We found pants from the Gap, Marks & Spencer, H&M…

photo 1

Why yes, I am in fact standing on my coffee table to show you what I bought…

The kids clothes were a little hit-or-miss, but at 100 cfa per item, you just HAVE to stop and dig through the piles for a minute or two. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a pair of blue camouflage shorts in just the right size or the perfect (ugly) Christmas sweater to make them wear? 😉

photo 1

Two men’s shirts and one woman’s top, 500 cfa each

It’s certainly not snobby, but perhaps a bit prideful to say… But I think everything we bought came from the piles on the ground, whereas usually I buy from than hanging racks. Angie taught us well!

photo 2

Toddler Ts, 200 cfa each


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