I am so happy that the chayas are such a big hit! I’ve been a fan for a long time and am thrilled that Patricia has made them available to us in such fun colors, good quality and at a reasonable price.

tie dye all

To be sure everyone is up to speed, here’s the scoop…

– You can order directly from Patricia directly at any time. 77 631 7437 She speaks English, French and Wolof. Most orders can be completed in just four or five days. The chayas are 5000 cfa/pair, plus reimbursing her for her taxi fare if you want them delivered to you.

– In order to help facilitate Christmas orders, I have a stock of 20 pairs here at my apartment. You are welcome to come by and shop! I will also make one delivery over to Dakar Academy at the end of next week, probably on Friday the 13th. If you want to order for that delivery, contact me ASAP.



Can I order other colors of tie-dye?

You can request other colors and we’ll see what we can do!

Can I order in solid black?

Yes, no problem. If you want them in time for pick-up here at my place or for the one-time delivery to D.A., orders need to be in by Friday the 6th. Or you can always order from Patricia directly at any time.

What about other solid colors?

No problem, but you’ll need to order directly from Patricia.

Are they really one size fits all?

They really are. The elastic is good quality and the legs are long. However, if you want to special order longer leg lengths, you can contact Patricia. (There may be an extra fee.)

Red, brown, purple or orange multi-color tie-dye

Red, brown, purple or orange multi-color tie-dye


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