My fashion forecast

The winds are changing in Senegal, which means that hot season is… almost over! Just a few more weeks and it’ll be cool sailing until Spring. I’m already thinking about decorating for the holidays, drinking hot coffee again and wearing some long-neglected favorites in my closet.

1. Long scarves, thin scarves, gauzy scarves, flowered scarves… I cannot wait! After six years in France, I have a hard time feeling like an outfit is complete without a scarf. And I have quite a collection that I will be dusting off de-molding soon!

2. I got an amazing pair of Express ReRock jeans at the Gazelle Skirt clothing swap in June, which means I have worn them all of once due to the arrival of summer. They felt great, and if my husband is to be believed, apparently they looked pretty great as well. šŸ˜‰

3. Shall we chambray? I remember wearing my dad’s old chambray shirt with leggings when I was probably in third grade. I’ve loved them ever since, so when Numero Uno had a selection, I stocked up. However, their lightweight fabric does not look good when you are pouring with sweat. So they too have been hiding in the closet for several months.

What about you? Any cool-season clothing you’re looking forward to wearing?


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