Look deep (around) my eyes…

I have to admit that I feel pretty silly posting this, so I’m going to consider it a new kind of fashion risk. And if The Gazelle Skirt isn’t a safe place to take such a risk, well then I can’t imagine where is!

I’m needing to buy new glasses because:
a) my prescription has changed juuust enough to justify it.
b) my toddler will eventually destroy this one pair I have.
c) I’m in the US now so makes sense to go ahead and order them.

I decided to shop on Zenni Optical because:
a) It was originally recorded to me by my friend Valerie and she gives such good advice that one day I plan to write a book called ‘Valerie Says…’
b) My husband and I have bought from Zenni before and of the fours pairs we bought, we loved two, liked one and disliked one.
c) It’s cheap! Like $7 to $30 a pair cheap.
d) You can ‘try them on’ virtually.

It’s that last one that brings me to this post. These are eight pairs I’m considering. Care to give me your opinion and some feedback? I prefer a more feminine look and lean towards browns over black or silver. I’m not against trying a bright color, but haven’t quite worked up the Jenn to make that jump.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.41.07 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.40.39 PM

Just call me 32 eyes.

If you’re interested in shopping on Zenni and sharing your images on here for feedback (or looking to try a new ‘do, testing out manicure polish colors, or whatever!), just shoot us an email at gazelleskirt@gmail.com or post it on our Facebook page.


11 thoughts on “Look deep (around) my eyes…

  1. I like the bottom left, then the top right, lol. Either way, you are cuter than should be allowed. You will be fine whichever way you go!

  2. My 1st choice: bottom row, 3rd from left. (#62115) 2nd choice: top row, 3rd from left. (#293125)

    NO to: 1sr row, 1st and 4th pair from left NO to: 2nd row: all of this row except 3rd from left

    Note: in US, the rectangles are phasing out. The bigger, boxier ones are coming in.

  3. My eyes were immediately drawn to the bottom left, but I really like the top right too. I’m wondering if my hesitation with the top right is because the glass isn’t clear like in the bottom left (I know it wouldn’t actually be like that, but this is what I see 🙂 ). Love this and way to be brave!!!

  4. I like top right best. A note of caution: the try on feature is not as helpful as it sseems. It’s hard to know if the amount of zoom on your picture is correct which really affects the size of the glasses on your picture. Its safer to measure a pair of glasses that you like the size of and get something within a few millimeters of those. When we first starting ordering from them (like 12 years ago) I bought 6-8 paired at a time , assuming I wouldn’t like half of them. And it was still way cheaper than the eye doc. Now I have a better idea of what I like and what size I need so I rarely end up with a pair I don’t like.

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