Fashion lessons and observations

Greetings from green, hilly, humid southern Ohio! How is everyone? Good? Good? Good? Good!

Here are a few fashion lessons that I have learned lately, along with some good reminders, and some observations about my own wardrobe {here in the US} that I wanted to share with you all:

+ Polka dots are my fave. On shoes, on shirts, on headbands… but not all at once of course. They’re just so fun and whimsical, how can you not love them??

What's not to love?

What’s not to love?

+ I saw on the TODAY show that jeans with holes in them aren’t so much the look for fall 2013, but jeans with patches on the holes are “the look”. That sounds easy enough to pull off. Also, leather leggings {ewww, not so sure I like the idea of that} and flannel {always a cozy classic} will be big this fall.

+ Florals and stripes DO work together. I’m not brave enough to wear the floral flowy pants and a striped shirt or anything, but I do wear a striped shirt and a floral pastel infinity scarf together… and it works!

+ Nail polish does NOT have to match your outfit. It can, but it doesn’t have to. Just pick a color that you like and go for it.

+ Speaking of infinity scarves, my mom bought me one and I wear it all.the.time! It’s one long, continuous circle, hence the name. You just fold it however many times you want, and wear it short or long around your neck. It’s a good way to add a little “something” to your outfit. (I saw a white one the other day with little black whales all over it and now I’m wishing I would have bought it…)

+ If you’re going to go with the low-rise jeans, please, please make sure they aren’t that low, if you can smell what I’m stepping in. Along that same line, a good belt can do wonders.

+ Flip flops don’t work for anyone. Sure they’re fine for at the beach, the pool, or to run a quick errand, but they’re terrible for your back {just ask any chiropractor}, and they kind of make you waddle just a lil’ bit.

Sandals that strap to your feet are better for you... and cute, too!

Sandals that strap to your feet are better for you… and cute, too!

+ African print totally work here. In moderation, that is. When I wear my AfricaNubian earrings, I get like 5,000 compliments.

Some of my Africa-made jewelry.

Some of my Africa-made jewelry.

I could go on, but I want to hear what fashion lessons you’ve learned this summer. What have you observed from your own wardrobe?


2 thoughts on “Fashion lessons and observations

  1. Love those sandals in the photo. Are they a recent purchase? Now that I am on my way back to Dakar, I am on a hunt to find two great pair of FLAT sandals. All I can seem to find in Poland are heels!

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