Bulges disappear like magic!

Hi Gazelles,

I’m posting this from the US where I’ve just come across a surprising discovery. As you can imagine, I’m enjoying all the treats in America that I can’t easily get in Senegal. But in the Sunday paper I saw an ad that made me realize that the (fashionable) grass is not always greener here.

Take a look for yourself:


Figure-flattering Styling – Cool, Breezy & Comfortable!

– Pretty and elegant for a cozy evening at home!
– With the delicate feeling of silk!
– Roomy and perfect for any shape and size!
– So versatile to wear around the house and yard!
– Feather-light!
– Perfect for all-day and year-round wear!
– Full length, flowing style for a ‘barely there’ feeling!
– So easy to take on or off!

I know, right? Even at half-price they are charging $14.95 for this caftan dress when we can get them for just a couple dollars (well, a couple thousand CFA) at HLM market! I had no idea we were so fortunate. Makes me think I should run out and by a bunch once I get back. Plus, at the rate I’m enjoying Starbucks and Chick Fil A, I’m going to need all the magical bulge disappearing action I can get…

Happy summer, everyone!


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