You’ll know it’s bad…

This top is the most lightweight one I own:


And this skirt is the coolest one I have:


Each day feels hotter and hotter, which means I now need to learn how to fashion myself an ice suit. (Maybe it’s on Pinterest?)

Or else I may find myself wearing this combo:



In case you’re new to Senegal, hot season begins in July, builds in August, temperatures keep climbing and add high humidity in September, and by the peak in October you are convinced you’re going to turn into a California raisin. (A sweaty, moldy California raisin.)

Then the dry harmattan winds blow in from the desert. It gets hotter and the air is filled with sand and dust for a couple weeks – but you know the end is approaching!

It’s can still be blazing hot in November, but by the time Thanksgiving rolls around… relief is in sight.

Relief as in, “Bust out the sweaters. It’s going to be 70° !”


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