Rachel’s week of outfits

Hi, my name is Rachel. I’m a homeschooling mother of two in Québec, Canada. I am married to Kevin, who works in the cranberry industry and I also teach ESL. Jenn and I became friends in 2007 while they were learning French. Though not a fashionista, I enjoy nice clothes, shoes and purses and I really love your blog! Maybe one day I will have the courage to wear a gazelle skirt, but in the meantime…keep up the good work, Gazelles!

Day 1

Capture décran 2013-05-26 à 21 31 34

Headed to work with a simple black and white pin-striped blouse-dress with my favorite jeans. The red belt and red patent low-heel shoes are among my favorites and I wear them whenever I can. Accessories are very simple: Fossil CZ watch that I LOVE and colorful wooden bead earrings that my son made for me.
Note: After the picture, I decided against the black socks and finally rolled a cuff on the jeans. Much better.

Day 2:

Capture décran 2013-05-26 à 21 31 40

Going to visit a friend and her kids today and the weather took a plunge, so I wasn’t shy to pull out my fashion cognac-colored boots that I picked up at Urban Planet, as is the belt. The blackish-bluish jeans from XXI are another favorite pair that I picked up almost-new for $12 at a popular second-hand store that my Canadian friends will recognize: Value Village or Village des Valeurs. Simple white t-shirt from Wal-Mart with flowy knit shawl-sweater and one of my favorite scarfs: an Indian print that I picked up from a clothes-swap bazaar.

Day 3

 Capture décran 2013-05-26 à 21 31 48

 Not really going anywhere in particular; a normal teaching-day and get-things-done-around-the-house before the weekend Friday.  The red-print tee I have had for years and years – it’s from JC Penney. The black shawl-sweater was on a store close-out rack and I wear it often. The jeans are hand-me-downs from a friend. I put on my red shoes again for fun.

Day 4

Capture décran 2013-05-26 à 21 31 55

 A lazy Saturday getting ready to run out and do errands. Nothing fancy, but I did grab my favorite orange scarf again and mixed it with my Simons’ cargo jacket. The blue jeans are very ordinary but the plaid flannel shirt is another fave and was a birthday gift last year. It’s from Old Navy. The white striped sneakers are comfortable, practical and à la mode…a great deal from Sierra Trading Post.

Day 5

The next few days will be birds-eye views as my “photographers” were unavailable. 😉

Capture décran 2013-05-26 à 21 32 04

 My new spring outfit that I couldn’t wait to wear! Cotton plaid print sundress from Walmart with navy leggings, a dark stone-wash jean jacket from the friperie, a cute summer hat à la Jason Mraz from Christmas Tree Stores in Vermont and my brown gladiator sandals that I LOVE from Suzy Shier (Canadian friends will again be able to relate).

Day 6

Capture décran 2013-05-26 à 21 32 12

Homeschool, housework and workout on the menu for today’s activities. My oldie-but-goodie turquoise Billabong tee is still one of my favorites though it has been down-graded to sweaty activies most of the time. 😉 Simple black running shorts and vintage Puma sneakers that are so incredibly comfortable that I prefer wearing them to my brand new Adidas.

Day 7

 Capture décran 2013-05-26 à 21 32 19

Heading to class later this afternoon. Both blouse and skirt are from the friperie (2$ each, I think). I found the outfit a little plain, so I added the red shoes (yet again!).


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