Erin’s Week of Outfits

hi. my name is erin. i have wanted to live in denver for a long time. after chatting with my friend about her impending road trip, i decided to venture out west to interview for a few positions, and subsequently, take off on part or all of her road trip. sometimes, you sit back in awe of the way things shake out. i moved to denver in late september of 2012 and from denver to boulder at the beginning of may and it has been absoutely wonderful.


Day 1: 6 inches of snow! What? Apparently this is not uncommon for Colorado, but this Georgia girl was baffled by it! Thus, put on the Frye boots (such a good investment, especially that I now live in a colder state) with my skinny jeans, wool crewneck baselayer and puffy brown vest. Nice and toasty!


Day 2: [I missed a few days with moving and stressed. In that time, the weather warmed back up to some lovely 60s and 70s.] Today was the first day I brought out a dress (that wasn’t worn with tights or boots)! I love this maxi dress. So cozy. Worn with some new sandals (yay sale!) and a white cardigan.


Day 3: Living in Colorado is awesome for multiple reasons… one of which is more casual work attire. It’s right up my ally. Today was a green linen dress with the same sandals, my soul mate, the pagatonia bag, and my other soul mate, coffee.


Day 4: Out and about in Boulder in another cozy maxi skirt from, scarf from my sister-in-law, and some bangles from a lovely lady I know living in Senegal. 😉


Day 5: It’s the weekend! That means athletic wear!


Day 6: Back to work in black skinny jeans, flats, tank and grey sweater.


Day 7: Once again, work is casual…decided to put a little pop of color back into the wardrobe and opted for a pink skirt, grey t-shirt of Atlanta streets, white jacket, stinky converse, and that lovely soul mate of mine. The coffee was there too.


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