Summer hats, anyone?

My friend Jeana has this amazing black hat she wears at the pool or beach. So glamorous, but casual. It looks great on her.

I’ve been looking for something like it and found a new style made from wax prints, black cotton lined, at a store downtown.

Picture 1

They had a HUGE selection of prints, including some with the gold metallic overlay, all for 3,500cfa. The hats have enough structure to hold up well, but are flexible enough to flop just right and be stuffed in a beach bag.


Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the store! It’s on rue Moussé Diop, about three doors down from Cocktail du Sénégal and they sell a wide variety of souvenirs and gifts. Anyone know where I’m talking about?


5 thoughts on “Summer hats, anyone?

  1. first of all .. very nic hats, and beutiful prints 🙂 ..
    Second,i think i know the store you’re talking about .. on rue moussé diop,there are 2 stores on the row ..

    1/ the first one is “cocktail du sénégal” ( ,it’s kind of tight with so much shelfs and stuffs on them and they recently divide it to 2 stores,so as soon as you enter you could go right where there’s stuff like handbags and clothes made from tradiotionnal material and on the left yhe store with the souvenirs and all..

    2/ the second one is called “scènes d’intérieur”: a VERY SWEET lebanese lady works there .. it’s pretty wide compared to the first store .. and as soon as you enter there’s a metallic tree used as a handbags displayer…

    Any chance that the store you’re talking about is one of them ?? 🙂

  2. So cute! I would love one that’s open on top so I can still wear my hear up, as it’s way too hot to wear my long hair against my neck in order to wear a cute hat like that (even if it’s in a low pony, it’s still not as comfortable as a high one). I may need to buy one of the cute ones you got for winter time and use it as a “model” with modifications so I can pull my hair up and out the top. Does that sound crazy?

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