Meg’s week of outfits

Today we have Meg, a 20-something journalist from Sénégal and Canada. She’s now working as a journalist in North Africa. Here’s a look at her outfits of the week:

Day 1: Babysitting a whole bunch of kids! Needed to be comfy, so I put on my trusty Keds and a dress a friend gave me from the frippe. My sweater is also from the frippe, my scarf was stolen from a friend who left the country, and my leggings are by the Canadian brand TNA. (Note- the frippe is the used clothing market here in Tunis. You will be seeing a lot of it in my outfits!)


Day 2: I had to go to the doctor, so I tried to brighten up the day with a pretty, colourful wooden necklace from Senegal. I wore my Minnetonkas, which I’ve had for about three years, and my jean jacket from Forever 21 which I’ve had just as long. I added a guy’s white shirt and a tank from Old Navy, plus my polka-dot jeans I got at a GAP outlet. My scarf that I tied on my leather purse (from the frippe) is from a market in Charleston, South Carolina.

IMG_1671-001 IMG_1649-001IMG_1664-001

Day 3: Went with a friend to one of my very favourite places in Tunisia- Ennejma Ezzahra, a mansion built by a Baron who was the man responsible for preserving both the historic town of Sidi Bousaid and traditional Arab music. I wore a tunic I got at a used clothing store in Canada years ago, some skinny jeans from Primark in the UK and brown Havaianas, the best flip flops in the world!

IMG_1686-001 IMG_1700-001

Day 4: For my friend’s going-away party, I wore plain black leggings, t-shirt, and leather flats with a beautiful “infinity skirt” that my Malaysian friend gave me- it’s from New York, and I think it’s so special. I also wore a necklace and bracelet I got in Malaysia- I guess I was feeling nostalgic for that beautiful country! 🙂 I added my jean jacket again, and a kikoi from Kenya that I wore as a scarf when it got cold. The shades were a couple Euros at an accessories store in Nice.


Day 5: A cloudy church day. The jacket (H&M), pants and shirt (GAP) are all from the frippe! The swan belt is a vintage one my mother wore, and says he grandmother wore! I added my Minnetonkas and some bracelets from Tunis, Malaysia and one I made.


Day 6: Lunch with a friend and errands. Urban outfitters headband (frippe), anchor earrings (American Eagle), cord shirt-dress (frippe, shortened by the tailor), braided brown belt I wear ALL the time (frippe), TNA leggings, Minnetonkas.



Day 7: This is what I look like when I am hanging out at home doing work! In the evening I went to Arabic lessons and then hung out with my teacher’s five-year-old son, so I put on my comfy polka-dot jeans, green t (from the frippe), a scarf my parents got at a flea market in Spain and my H&M army jacket (frippe).



 Because Meg is a journalist, and likes to document things… we get a bonus {lucky us}! Here’s what she wore for her birthday and the day before her birthday:

Day before birthday: hiking to find the perfect location for hanging on the beach the next day. I got the awesome shirt at the World Social Forum in Tunis. Hat is a birthday present from my family that I bought at the frippe.


Birthday: I am doing my best Jason Mraz impression, complete with ukulele! I bought this dress in England almost three months ago and have been waiting to wear it on my birthday. Again, leggings- they are my culturally-appropriate addition to almost every skirt/dress outfit. The Birkenstocks are a wonderful investment. I’ve had my old pair for about five years, and they are just now starting to look like they should be retired, so I picked up this pretty pair in Nice.


Happy birthday, Meg!

The nail polish from my week of outfits!
Essie Midnight Cami
OPI Mermaid Tears
Essie Mademoiselle

Color Club Volt of Light
OPI Shorts Story

IMG_1669-001 IMG_1785-001





2 thoughts on “Meg’s week of outfits

  1. I must admit, this is the first “week of outfits” post I have looked at in its entirety! And I wasn’t looking at the clothes as much as the face of my beautiful girl I haven’t seen in person in 6 months. Love you Meg!

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