Audrey’s week of outfits

I’m Audrey. I used to do mission’s work in Niamey, Niger, and now I live in Anchorage, Alaska. A friend who still does work there totally got me hooked on your blog. I love it!

Here’s my style:

DAY 1: The day before Day 1 snowed which led me to make my own springtime with a floral print skirt, bright colored tank & tee, green crocs, and a green head scarf from Tanzania.



DAY 2: Lime green pencil skirt, and still diggin’ my green crocs with black tee and jacket and necklace from Niger.



DAY 3: Casual day at work allowed me to wear jeans and break out my cowboy boots! Cotton floral print dress and a floral print bandana.



DAY 4: Saturday, I woke up to see more snow falling. 😦 And unlike most lazy Saturdays, I had to go to an ASL Interpreters Workshop, so I stuck with a solid color tee, rather than catchy graphic tee. I also wore a homemade scarf/buff.



DAY 5: Quite a contrast from the snow. I woke up to a balmy 40°F (5°C) and decided to sport some Australia board shorts to church with a stellar pair of toe shoes!



DAY 6: I added a little more Africa to Alaska, by wearing the blouse from one of my outfits from Niger, but I substituted my pange for dress slacks. I also wore beautiful earrings – handcrafted Tuareg silver purchased in Niger, and a necklace that I picked up at Michael’s craft store which turned out to be a surprising match!



DAY 7: Last day! I wore a homemade tulip blouse with matte jersey pants. But that’s not what I wore when I walked out the door that morning. I rode my bike to work in a chilly 35oF (2oC), and was sporting wool socks over my bike pants, hand warmers, gloves, and beanie. I slipped into my work clothes again later for the picture op. 🙂




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