Erin’s week of outfits

Up next, we have Erin, a senior in high school, from Canada, living here in Senegal.



Here’s a glance at her outfits of the week:

image (5)

Looking down at a very orange shirt!

This is what I wore to our final afternoon musical practice. The bright orange shirt I got from a team of girls that came here with an organisation called Tattered Tiaras, but the shirt itself is American Apparel. The pants are actually pyjamas (but sssshhhh!), and they’re Tommy Hilfiger brand. My shoes are brown flats with bows that I bought from a friend… or maybe she gave them to me…I’m not sure, but they are American Eagle. I wasn’t feeling too good that day, so I didn’t really care about matching.

photo (16)-001

Musical shirt and shorts.

This was massive “twin day” at school. That night was opening night so we all wore our musical shirts. My shorts are from Bluenotes. I wore my black all star converse that go with everything, and my socks are from Jennyfer at Sea Plaza.

image (7)

Converse all stars – a signature piece.

 My shorts are from Número Uno, I wore a black faded glory tank that my mom bought me this summer, and then there’s my always appropriate black low-rise converse all stars.

image (6)

A pretty floral top found at Saturday market in Dakar.

I know, almost all of my pictures have been bird’s eye view,  but I don’t regularly take pictures of myself, so instead of forgetting, I just do this (haha). This day was the beach baptismal for our church. I watched 9 of my brothers and 1 sister in Christ get baptised! It was great! I wore slightly dressy khaki shorts from Numero Uno and a frilly floral print shirt that I got at Saturday market last year. I also wore a pair of navy blue Old Navy flip-flops. No jewellery, besides my rings, and I was sporting the ever-classy ponytail to avoid being super hot.

image (8)

Superhero t-shirt.

image (10)

Made by my tailor Amadou.

Again, a bird’s eye view, but oh well. This is my superhero shirt that I got at Walmart a few years ago. It says, “my kind of man is…” and there are adjectives to describe the different heroes pictured.

Then there’s my Amadou shorts, paired again with my black chuck taylors (too bad I left those at school, so I couldn’t get them in the picture).


Thanks Erin! It’s fun to have some ‘younger Gazelles’ to share their look and style with us.


3 thoughts on “Erin’s week of outfits

  1. Sigh. Wearing Converse with everything. Takes me back… Why did we ever stop? I say this is the year of Converse-with-all-for-adults and headscarves. 🙂

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