Polly’s week of outfits


Day 1: Work at home day normally consists of short shorts and tank tops but I didn’t want to subject anyone to that picture so I threw on a skirt I always have handy for running to the bitik or answering the door. Green tie dye skirt from our market and a black tank. And a top knot which is essential in hot season.


Day 2: Headed off to village in a green, blue and brown wax print with blue tiika, blue and green earrings I made last year and my trusty Old Navy flip flops.


Day 3: Off to a wedding in a rainbow plaid (blue, red, yellow and green) with HUGE tiika, black beaded earrings from Cameroon and you guessed it my Old Navy flip flops.


Day 4: Work at home day with the yellow and brown pants I made, red Zara top from Numero Uno and braided bangs. And Zelli our dog 🙂


Day 5: Visiting family and my namesake (Mary), i.e. the cutest baby ever, in a blue and pink metallic wax print, blue tiika and brown hoop earrings from South African.


Day 6: Off to another village in my brand new hartum ensemble. Pink, green, light and dark purple hartum with light purple satin trim, pink tiika and green paper trumpet earrings from Malika Monkeys


Day 7: Around the town running errands in my rainbow plaid skirt skirt and green Zara tshirt, red and bronze earrings from Target in a Middle Eastern pattern and braided pigtails.


3 thoughts on “Polly’s week of outfits

  1. I love the big headscarf! (It’s really not that big, but I understand feeling like it is.) It looks great on you!

    I think the metallic wax print is my favorite. Beautiful fabric and style.

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