Jenn’s week of outfits

Well, at least it has now been documented that I change my clothes every day. (At least long enough to pose for a picture.) It was more challenging than I had anticipated, the whole “take pictures of your outfit every day for seven days” ordeal. It’s not that I’m normally living in trash bags, or anything, but making the effort to be presentable enough for a picture did take a little bit of creativity and planning. “Hmmmm, maybe I should add a scarf to this outfit, or try a different pair of sandals.”

So, here you go. My 7 days of outfits, complete with a little commentary on my favorite features, and what I did to mix it up:

015 (4)-001
Wearing my new Senegalese belt. You’ve already seen this outfit here, on day one.

011 (5)-001

 This patchwork skirt is from Malika Monkeys, and the purple scarf is from Gorée Island. I added some red beaded bracelets because the skirt just wasn’t colorful enough. Ha!
005 (9)-001

I love my blue jean leopard vest. It’s perfect for a Saturday afternoon downtown, along with comfy sandals and jeans.

004 (8)-001
Adding a red top to this blue and purple dress was my attempt at adding unexpected color. What do you think? I then added a purple scarf on top of that.

031 (2)-001

A black beaded necklace from Senegal, and my multi-color pleated skirt.

007 (9)-001

I decided to dress like a guesthouse manager, and wore black dress pants for the day.

029 (3)-001

On the last day I wore  some yellow bracelets and my shirt from Anne de la V. Such a fun way to add some “Senegalaise” to your outfit, don’t you think?  

Coming SOON… some of our Gazelle Skirt followers share their outfits of the week.


7 thoughts on “Jenn’s week of outfits

  1. Love ’em all, of course. But that top you got at Anne de la V. is really, really adorable! It’s got that effortlessly cool thing going. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kari. Anne de la V. has some really cute stuff! I had lots of compliments the day I wore that.
      I may have to go back for that shirt with the bow… after another ballet class, of course! 😉

  2. I was trying to send my pictures from my Week of Outfits, but my emails keep bouncing back. 😦
    I had a lot of fun participating… even if I don’t get to show off a little. 😉
    Love the blog! And I look forward to seeing everyone else’s week of outfits! 🙂

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