Direct Usine – worth checking out

I’ve passed this store like 100 times, but I’ve never had the opportunity to stop. It’s next to a really crowded intersection in Pointe E (near Pizza Inn), so it wasn’t a convenient place to get to.


But because today is Sunday, meaning much less traffic in Dakar, it was a good day to stop and check out this new store, Direct Usine.

I was originally intrigued by the store because it has “2,000cfa! 5,000cfa!” and other such prices painted on the window. I thought it was worth checking out.



It’s a fairly small store, but has lots of great clothing items and shoes, for both men [Hey guys. We know you’re reading along too. No need to deny it.] and women. Everything was Zara brand at a discount!


They had colored t-shirts (2,000cfa), blazers for women (15,000cfa), floral tops (7,000cfa) and shoes in the 7,000-9,000cfa range.

Colored t-shirts for 2,000cfa

I love colored t-shirts!

I’m really excited about this new place because of the really cute clothes for an affordable price! I will certainly go back when my husband isn’t with me and I have more time and buy a top or two.


Hours: 10am -10pm, 7 days a week.
Location: It’s at the intersection of the Point E end of the VDN. Across the street and down the road from the university (Cheikh Antia Diop), next to Pizza Inn.

Thank you, Dakar, for getting new stores like this one.


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