Sentimental Jewelry

I LOVE jewelry.  All kinds.  Big chunky necklaces and earrings…and OF COURSE giant rings are my favorite.  But I do have a few simple pieces of jewelry that I love to wear…some sentimental pieces.  My most “meaningful” piece of jewelry is a necklace I wear most every day.  Actually, it is a combination of two necklaces.  One of the necklaces has “endure” written out in script and the other is a small pendant from another necklace that has “26.2” written out in roman numerals.

Running has changed my life and both of these necklaces for me are symbolic of running goals that I have accomplished.  After completing my first marathon last December I bought the “26.2” pendant (26.2 miles is the distance of a full marathon).  I  bought the “endure” necklace a few months later as I continue to train to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Training for these events is all about endurance!  Both of these necklaces are a reminder to me daily that impossible goals can be reached!
What is your sentimental piece of jewelry?  An heirloom? A gift from your husband?  Tell us about it and post a picture on FB!

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