Day 1: purple and the best eye shadow

Happy May 1st!

Today is the day we begin taking pictures of our outfits, from today until next Wednesday. At the end of the week, email us your pictures [] and we’ll do a post of your week of outfits, here on the Gazelle Skirt!

To get things started, here’s a look at what I’m wearing today:

015 (4)-001

I love purple. I’ve had this shirt for like nine years now. I’m wearing Buckle jeans, black beaded bracelets made by a sweet woman named Diami, and black hoop earings from my sister-in-law.

009 (5)-001

Silver sandals from Kadel in downtown Dakar. They go with e-v-e-r-y-thing, which is really nice.

026 (4)-001

Let’s talk about this super awesome belt, shall we? It adds just a touch of Senegalese to my outfit, which I love. It ties in the back and comes in a variety of colors. The great thing is that it was only 2,000cfa [$4]. Can’t beat it! Khady is the master mind behind this belt, as she had her seamstress friend make some to sell. More info to come if you’re interested in purchasing one. Or two or three.

002 (7)-001

Hello, dark hunter green nails.

THE best eye shadow ever.

THE best eye shadow ever.

 And now, I’m going to give you some very valuable information: this is the best eye shadow ever. I love bareMinerals as it is, their products are incredible. But this eye shadow is great because it lasts forrrrever. I’ve had this one tube for 2 years and I’m still using it! It has a brush attached to it, so you dip it into the color, and put it on your eyelids [oh is that how eyeshadow works]. A little bit goes a long way. The color I have is called moonshine – deep plum. I told you that I love purple!

I hope you have fun documenting your week of outfits! I look forward to seeing what you’re wearing. Feel free to post some pics of your outfit, or pieces of your outfit [favorite shoes, earings, new zebra patterned pants] on our Gazelle Skirt Facebook page.

Anyone else wearing purple today?


3 thoughts on “Day 1: purple and the best eye shadow

  1. I bought 6 of those belts and gave them away to people back home and they are LOVING them!!! I’ve had several people ask how they can order more!

    • Giving them as gifts is a great idea!
      I’m new to the “belt it” look, so it takes me a little bit of ‘trial and error’ to get a good / normal look, but I like it.
      Instagram some pics of you in your belt!

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