Smiles and slogan t-shirts


It was harder than you would think trying to take a picture of this shirt, so that all of the words could be seen. The shirt kept wanting to fold in the middle, making it impossible to read what it says! Grrr! Eventually, I pulled it off. For the most part.


 I recently bought this shirt because I really like what it says. In case you really can’t read the words because of my poor picture-taking abilities, I’ll tell you what it says. “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” How fitting for a fashion blog, huh?

Although it might be a liiittle bit on the cheesy side, I like it. Who we are, how we treat others, our kindness, our inner beauty… all of those things really are more important than our outfit du jour.

{Side note: I do feel a little bit of pressure to be smiling, like, non-stop while wearing this shirt. It just doesn’t really allow for much of a grumpy face, does it?}

What are you smiling about this weekend?


What’s your favorite slogan t?

 That’s right, I just bombarded you with not one, but TWO questions.


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