These shoes

These shoes were a birthday gift. From myself.

009 (2)-001

These shoes are not very safe to walk in, considering the uneven roads, potholes, gravel, and rocky terain. I almost twist my ankle every time I wear them outside of the house.

These shoes are fun to wear.

010 (3)-001

These shoes go with just about everything.

014 (2)-001

These shoes make me tall.

These shoes are nothing compared to the beautiful, HIGH, fancy, pink, sparkly heels that Senegalese women love to wear.

003 (3)-001

Do YOU have a favorite pair of shoes?


3 thoughts on “These shoes

  1. YES! They are a beat-up pair of navy blue Minnetonka thunderbird moccasins that have covered three continents with me. I may have to trade them in for a new pair soon, but for now they are my favourite, most-worn pair.
    I love these platforms! I know what you mean about twisted ankles- I had to start avoiding anything but flats after a bad incident with a beautiful pair of black patent heels. 😦

  2. I am so glad to find both of your blogs. I am looking to move in a year to Dakar. Questions like what footwear to bring have been at the top of the list. Very cute sandals I have many pairs similar to those so I appreciated the insight that the are unrealistic for walking locally.
    Thanks again

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