Who wants to try it?

I recently got my hands on a CURRENT issue of a fashion magazine. Exciting times, when you live in Africa. If I get a magazine in a package, it’s usually a month or two late, which is still more than fine with me, because I enjoy it no matter when it arrives. But, there’s something fun about knowing that what you’re reading looking at is hot off the press.

Anyhow, I saw an article on “28 days of amazing outfits” in the current magazine issue I got, and I thought that it would be SO much fun if someone – one of our readers / blog friends / followers / fans – volunteered to do a “28 days” post here, on The Gazelle Skirt. How much fun would that be?! Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing that?

So, who wants to do it? Who wants to take pictures of their outfit, every day, for 28 days, to show us all what you’ve been wearing? Who cares if you don’t have designer clothes! Just show us you. What color combos do you like? What styles do you enjoy? What do you wear on a lazy Saturday?

This is what it would look like.

This is what it would look like.

Comment here, or email us at gazelleskirts@gmail.com if YOU want to be our “28 days of outfits” volunteer!


9 thoughts on “Who wants to try it?

  1. intresting challenge .. and surely loads of fun 🙂 .. i’m in too .. let’s get organized and see how we’ll do this 🙂

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