What are your ‘orange sandals’?

Picture 1

My sister-in-law gave me these sandals for Christmas. I opened the box and thought, “Cute! I probably have something I could wear these with…”


These sandals somehow seem to to work with 50% of my closet. Maybe even 51%, because it seems like every day I’m at least considering them.

I’m not one to wear a lot of orange. (If you think I do, you’ve got me confused with Jenn. I’m the other one with short hair. Maybe we should have nicknames, like the Spice Girls, to help people keep us straight.) My point is this: these sandals have changed my wardrobe in ways I never could have imagined. They have helped me consider new color combinations, new accent pieces and new looks.

What about you? What are your ‘orange sandals’ that seem to go with everything and make you try new things with your wardrobe?


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