The ‘Flat Sandal Store’

Jenn has this pair of silver sandals that I love. She told me she got them at (mumble-mumble-something-I-can’t-remember) downtown. It was one of those places I’d love to go sometime, but probably won’t ever get around to.

But yesterday I was in a taxi going to the dentist and saw this…


Photo from Kadel Dakar’s Facebook page

… and I recognized it as the name of the place Jenn had told me about.

I needed to make myself feel better after my dentist appointment, so decided to walk back in the direction of Kadel, where I’d heard they had a 5,000cfa rack for flat sandals. Yummy.

But, of course, I immediately took a wrong turn. Or was it a right turn? Because half a block down I spotted a little shop with flat sandals. Upon closer inspection, most of the shoes were even Kadel brand. So I shopped. They had a 3,500cfa rack and the rest of the sandals, ballets and heels were up to 10,000cfa. I found a pair of black flat sandals for 3,500cfa and left 100% happy.

Picture 2

And, of course, walking around I wound up in front of the actual Kadel a few minutes later. I popped in for a minute and realized that the little hole-in-the-wall shop I’d been in earlier was carrying Kadel’s current styles, but all at cheaper prices! Granted the selection wasn’t as large, but they have a lot of the same flat sandals, which was my goal anyway.

Picture 1

So if you’re looking for the ‘Flat Sandal Store’, take a taxi to Rue Carnot to street addresses in the 70s. (There’s a very nice dentist who got his PhD in the US at number 62, if you’re interested.) Cross Lamine Gueye and look left. The shop is about 15 steps up Lamine Gueye. Right across from a peanut vendor. And probably and Orange guy. 😉


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