A skirt from a friend

This is actually a perfect example of something I would wear during hot season. A tank top, an African print skirt (or capris), and sandals.

Thankfully we’re not there yet. But, the outfit still works, even through the “Dakar winter months” (70s). And if my arms get cold, I can just put on a shirt with longer sleeves.

  This is the first of a few pieces that I have that were created by Madame Amberly. A friend who lived in Mali, and when she left, donated some of her clothes to Khady and I.

Pinks and blues.

Pinks and blues.

I love the fabric! Good call, Amberly.

I love the fabric! Good call, Amberly.

What do you wear during the hot season / the summer months?

Do you have any clothes that friends have given you? How do you feel about wearing hand-me-downs? I, for one, am all for the idea of sharing and swapping clothes.


3 thoughts on “A skirt from a friend

  1. Just a quick question. 🙂 Why is it ok to wear tank tops normally but not on a run as written in the last post?

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