Vlisco…A Dream Come True!

I’ve just returned from almost 10 days in the Ivory Coast.  It was a great trip but I am glad to be back in Senegal.

While in the Ivory Coast I had the opportunity to go to the flagship Vlisco store in Abijan.   It was a dream come true!  For those who are not familiar with Vlisco…it is the TOP quality wax fabric you can buy.  All the African Fashion Designers use it in their new collections and fashion shows.  It is truly “a la mode” in Africa.  Actually, all the fabrics you see in the local markets (HLM) are copies of originaly Vlisco prints.

It was such a fun day shopping at Vlisco and trying on some of their ready made pieces with my dear friend Jenni Keating.  We felt like little girls playing dress up!  We both splurged and bought a few pieces of clothing–and I bought some fabric as well.

I’m such a snob when it comes to clothing…haha…I now want to only buy Vlisco brand fabric!  I wrote the company, based in Holland, pleading with them to open a store in Dakar.  They informed me that at the end of April an authorized distributor will be selling Vlisco fabrics in Senegal!  I’ve already contacted the distributor and can’t wait!

If you are not familiar with Vlisco you should check out their website (www.vlisco.com)!  They are very high fashion and “out of the box”.  And actually, you can read up on how the wax print fabric originated in Holland, not in Africa!

photo 2
Entering into Vlisco.
photo 3
Some of the fabric displayed beautifully!


One of my new Vlisco pieces that I bought!  Not sure when I will ever wear it but there are so many small things about it that I will use for inspirations for other dresses! : )

What are you a fashion snob about?


4 thoughts on “Vlisco…A Dream Come True!

  1. Wow. This is awesome. It’s like the mother ship.

    I immediately went to Pinterest after reading this to pin a whole bunch of Vlisco prints and start following them! Thanks for the info, Amy.

  2. Awesome – your dress is beautiful! I lived in Abidjan for 12 years and didn’t know how lucky I was to have at hand “wax hollandais” until I moved to St. Louis 🙂 and could only find imitations.

  3. Great info! I searched and started to follow them on pinterest too, and on Facebook! Hahaha… Gorgeous! regarding being fashion snob, I think I am becoming. I hope it is not bad. I do not wear anymore my faked vuitton, and going for quality. But don’t think I’ll buy original one ever. It would be too snob to me:)

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