“Crazy” pants mean a crazy me

Post contributed by P. who lives among the Fulani in the Kolda region of Senegal. She blogs at For the love of Fulani.

A friend recently blogged about her “crazy” pants (although on her the fabric looks totally and completely normal and adorable!) . Pants made with the loud print, brightly colored fabrics that you grow to love and laugh at when you live here. One of my favorite things to do when I’m needing a shopping fix is to wander through the fabric stalls in the market and look at all the fabulous fabrics. The people here are not shy when it comes to thinking of some interesting prints. I’ve seen toasters, chickens, peas in their pods, motorcycles, brooms and so much more all boldly emblazoned on bright multicolored fabrics. And we’re not talking about small prints. We’re talking 12 inch toasters every 2 inches! I LOVE it!

I’ve had pants on my list of sewing projects so after seeing her post I was inspired. I went digging through all my fabric to find something that I didn’t necessarily want a whole outfit made out of, something that I could mess up without crying over. I scanned my bookmarks and finally found the link taking me to what the blogger described as the easiest method of making pants. I thought…one hour tops and I’ll have a pair of pants. That should have been my clue that it would take longer and be far more complicated!

6 hours later (including some much needed breaks before I ripped everything around me to shreds and countless seams ripped) I had my pants…not perfect, slightly irregular pants. I don’t think I can bring myself to wear them around in public but I will proudly wear them in the house and compound 🙂

My crazy pants

Lesson learned: Next time I want pants…just go to the stinking tailor!


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