Chaya, harem, baby-catchers…

Picture 2

A pair my tailor gave me as a gift. #ibuytoomuch

The go by many names.

Harem pants. Chayas. Baby-catchers.

They are hated by some, loved dearly by others.

Low on the hips, very wide and loose in the leg, but fitted at the ankle.

Picture 1

A pair I bought on a street market in France for €10.

Picture 3

Bought from an artisan who collaborates with Peace Corps in Senegal, 5000cfa. Love these!

Picture 3

So, do you chaya?


6 thoughts on “Chaya, harem, baby-catchers…

  1. Don’t forget, Chaya’s aren’t just for women either! I have a few pair of them, the whole “Pulaar outfit” and like them a lot. They are the perfect way for a man to wear shorts and get away with it in the village. You just have to learn to get in the truck and get settled before driving though. 🙂

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  3. could you tell me who the artisan is in Senegal that you got the tie dye looking pair from? my sister is there now and I’d love to tell her about it.

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