My Signature Piece…

My Signature Piece...

Everyone has their “signature piece”. Whether it is a necklace you always wear, or earrings, or even your favorite scarf! Mine is GIANT rings! I LOVE wearing giant rings…and in Africa you can find all kinds of cool, unique, giant rings! This one is my fave! It was made by a designer in Rwanda (Mille Colline). It is made from the horn of an African cow–and it is a great conversation piece! What is your signature piece?


4 thoughts on “My Signature Piece…

  1. I love big rings. I have a turquoise one from – believe it or not – my father-in-law. He found the stone in Utah and had it set in a silver ring. It’s one of my favorite pieces.

  2. I am loving giant ring right now! I have a huge Venetian green/blue glass ring that I wear whenever I can. But my go to ring is a square beige/off white ring from Pier One that cost $4. Every time I wear it people complement it.

  3. I wear a silver bangle bracelet that had my children’s names stamped on one edge. I love it because it is “mom jewelry” but it is timeless and discreet.

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